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Live Entertainment

BOOM Silent Entertainment

Enjoy an immersive audio experience in the location that best suits your groups needs.  Because our system is highly portable we can bring the event to you or you can come pick one of the many great party locations within Fields of Fire Adventure Park.

If you have ever tried to hold a conversation in a loud nightclub or music venue you will love the benefit of being able to remove your headphones and hold a normal conversation.  In addition, the 5 channel broadcast system allows a range music to be played, suiting the tastes of a broader audience.

The applications of our silent events stretch far and wide but a few examples of how they can be used include:

  • Fields of Fire Adventure Park under the Aerial Ropes Courses
  • A bar or restaurant with additional customers that may not be there for the event
  • Public parks and gathering places where loud music would disturb others
  • Theaters and venues that would like to broadcast audio in another language
  • Meditation groups where an isolated audio experience is preferred
  • Hiking groups that want to enjoy the same music on their journey
  • Youth ministries that may be using a building that requires respecting audio volume.
  • Office parties with wide ranges in music taste and a budget that requires events to stay on site

Contact our sales department for more information or to reserve your event.

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